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Somehow it's July, although you wouldn't know it from the weather out there. Grey, cold, blowing a gale and pissing it down with rain. And that sounded like a roll of thunder. Must be summer in England. And how stereotypically English of me to start my very first post by talking about the weather haha

It's scary how fast this year is going, I feel like I blink and somehow six months have gone past. It's completely insane. It'll be Christmas again in no time at this rate. It's strange how time seems to pass so quickly some times, yet other times so slowly. My day at work today, for example, dragged. I had very little work to do for about 3/4 of the day - the entire morning I raised one order, answered two emails and added three lines to a spreadsheet. It picked up in the afternoon but I spent most of the day either reading (Mandy Baggot - Those Summer Nights on the Kindle app on my phone) and 'watching' Wimbledon through the live updates feed on the BBC website, specifically the Del Potro V Warwinka.

This evening finds me thinking about the not-so distant future. About July, about summer 2016 and my plans for it.
Tomorrow night I'm going to Manchester for a concert.
Next week will mostly be more watching Wimbledon.
Thursday 7th there's an Irish Dance show on in a local theatre that I'm tempted by
Saturday 9th is a sci-fi group meetup
There's a Viking exhibit on in one of the local museums so I might go and see that.
Sun 24th is my birthday and I'm thinking I'll go to Boscobel House for the day.
Quite a busy month, all things considered. Especially since I'm supposed to be saving money for my upcoming holiday!


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